Competitive Advantages
  • Advanced software with continuous improvement
  • Many years of experience in blasting technology
  • 24 ⁄ 7 technical support
  • Custom face–to–face training
  • Links with ongoing research and development

Soft-Blast Profile

Soft-Blast is dedicated to the supply, support and ongoing development of JKSimBlast. We have qualifications in mining engineering and years of experience in blasting applications and business management. We are recognised leaders in blasting software.

Worldwide, Soft-Blast is assisted by qualified agents providing related products and services to the mining industry.

Soft-blast is proud of its reputation for providing timely and quality service and support

JKSimBlast Advantages
  • Wide range of tools for blast design and analysis in bench, ring and tunnel applications.
  • All data are visible and accessible.
  • Customisable for any explosives and detonators.
  • Uses proven and published models for analyses – no “black boxes”.
  • Blast data and analysis results can be easily accessed by other software (spreadsheets, text editors, etc) – our philosophy: the data belongs to the user, not the software
  • Broad spectrum of users: mines and quarries, explosives suppliers, drill and blast contractors, consultants, education, research

JKSimBlast Origins

JKSimBlast was developed by JKTech, part of the Julius Kruttshnitt Mineral Research Centre (JKMRC), University of Queensland. JKSimBlast was first proposed in 1996 as the next generation upgrade of the research software and models that had been developed in the JKMRC blasting research projects, conducted from 1978 to 1994. The research had pioneered various aspects of blast modelling and software – in design, timing and energy analysis, and movement prediction – and linked these to existing models – such as damage, fragmentation, and vibration.

JKSimBlast brought many of these design and analysis tools together in a single system that could be both commercially released and used as a platform for further research and development in subsequent blasting projects.

In 2002 Soft-Blast was created as an independent company to provide all commercial functions for JKSimBlast: distribution, support and training. Since 2007 Soft-Blast has also looked after all software maintenance for JKSimBlast, and is currently developing the upgrade to JKSimBlast v3.