JKSimBlast is a suite of programs for blast design and analysis. The main blast design programs can be used stand-alone, or with the other programs for extended blast analysis and data management.

The JKSimBlast programs are:

  • 2DBench ... Surface Blast Design and Analysis
  • 2DFace ..... Tunnel Blast Design and Analysis
  • 2DRing ...... Underground Blast Design and Analysis
  • JKBMS ...... JKSimBlast Data Management
  • 2DView ...... extended blast analysis (energy, contour, viewing)
  • TimeHEx .... extended timing analysis (scaled-distance vibration)
A USB security key (or dongle) and matching license file or code are required to run the programs.

The downloads below are provided for current users of JKSimBlast. Many of the links are protected by a user name and password.

Contact Soft-Blast or your local agent for access.

Please note, the password is case sensitive and is reset regularly.

After download, unblock the file before extracting or running it:
- right-click on the downloaded file
- select Properties
- click [Unblock] at the bottom of the form.


Installation Files



45.7 MB
Batch script to install all JKSimBlast programs
  - complete install - programs only - no extras
23.5 MB
Install program for Hardlock dongle drivers
58.6 KB
Utility test program for Hardlock dongles
34.6 MB
Extra programs and files for network dongle setup
  - includes haspdinst.exe v8.31, Aladdin Monitor
22.4 MB
JKSimView3 (JKSimBlast v3 3D viewer)
  - includes sample files




2.6 MB
2DBench update, program only (see instructions below ˜1)
1.7 MB
2DFace update, program only (see instructions below ˜1)
1.8 MB
2DRing update, program only (see instructions below ˜1)
0.9 MB
2DView update, program only (see instructions below ˜1)
1.9 MB
2DRing update, program only (see instructions below ˜1)
0.3 MB
TimeHex update, program only (see instructions below ˜1)
1.5 MB
Design Import update, program and help files (see instructions below ˜1)
22.4 MB
JKSimView3, all program files (see instructions below ˜1)




0.1 MB
setting a license file
0.2 MB
setting a license code
0.1 MB
how to fix file registration errors
0.8 MB
setup for network dongle
0.4 MB
Hardlock dongle user manual
0.5 MB
Hardlock network dongle user manual
0.1 MB
development history
0.1 MB
shortcut / command line options for 2DBench (also 2DFace, 2DRing)
0.1 MB
shortcut / command line options for dongle for 2DBench, 2DFace, 2DRing
0.1 MB
shortcut / command line options for dongle for Design Import program
0.7 MB
2DBench startup tutorial
0.1 MB
2DBench Burden Relief analysis
0.1 MB
2DBench Contour analysis outline
0.3 MB
2DBench Electronic Delays analysis outline
0.4 MB
Save a v3 blast from 2DBench
0.9 MB
2DRing FragmentO analysis
0.1 MB
JKBMS startup tutorial
2.8 MB
old JKSimBlast manual

Support Files



9.3 MB
2DBench sample blasts and data files
0.1 MB
2DFace sample blasts and data files
0.2 MB
2DRing sample blasts and data files
1.7 MB
JKBMS sample database and files
9.6 MB
JKSimView sample blast and analysis files
0.1 MB
new generic stocks text file
0.2 MB
old generic stocks database
0.1 MB
English language file for 2DBench
0.1 MB
Spanish language file for 2DBench

Archived Programs



31.9 MB
Setup JKSimBlast v2.11.03 (see instructions below ˜2)
25.4 MB
Setup JKSimBlast Surface v2.11.03 (see instructions below ˜2)
25.2 MB
Setup JKSimBlast Tunnel v2.11.03 (see instructions below ˜2)
25.1 MB
Setup JKSimBlast Stope v2.11.03 (see instructions below ˜2)
18.5 MB
Setup 2DBench v2.11.03 (see instructions below ˜2)
18.3 MB
Setup 2DFace v2.11.03 (see instructions below ˜2)
18.2 MB
Setup 2DRing v2.11.03 (see instructions below ˜2)
0.0 MB
setup instructions for v2.11.03 (included in setup zip file)
0.0 MB
batch script to register system files (included in setup zip file)
˜1 Make sure to unblock the files before extracting
    - right-click the downloaded file, select Properties, then click [Unblock] at the bottom of the form.

    Copy the files to the relevant folders in JKSimBlast, replace any existing files.

    The default location is C:\Programs\JKSimBlast.

˜2 The old setup programs included HASPUserSetup to install Hardlock drivers.

    This is no longer compatible with Windows - remove it from the extracted files and
    instead use haspdinst_v8.31 (under Installation Files) to install the Hardlock drivers.

    Register_Files.bat and setup instructions are included in the zip file.

    Make sure to unblock the file before extracting.