Blastatistics ® is a new online system for QA/QC Blasting Quality Control.

Blastatistics ® allows you to control, process and analyze the quality of the entire drill and blast implementation process in your operation quickly, practically and easily.

Control of the main KPIs is the basis for optimization of the D&B process, in an online system that links office and field in real-time for quick, effective decision-making in favor of efficiency, productivity and continuous improvement in blasting.

Apart from from the direct benefits that continuous quality control has for mining operations Blastatistics has the following advantages:

  • digital, easy and dynamic quality control on site
  • simple, minimal training and implementation on site
  • direct link with design tools (JKSimBlast 2DBench) and results analysis (Split-Desktop)
  • customized reports
  • reports provided on the same day of blasting with no waiting for data management and processing - everything automated from onsite data collection step
  • daily updates to your D&B database assist and promote better control and improvement
  • all of your sites controlled from one database

Web and app available in Spanish, English, Portuguese and Russian.

For more information:
- go to the web sites for Blastatistics or Rocha Blast Engineers
- or contact Rocha Blast Engineers or Soft–Blast.