Support and Maintenance includes:
  • 24/7 technical support
  • software maintenance
  • discount on training fees
  • protection against dongle loss

All new JKSimBlast licenses include one year of support and maintenance after the purchase date.

If you encounter a problem using JKSimBlast, please contact Soft–Blast or your local agent with a description of the problem, including your dongle number.

Ongoing Support and Maintenance (S&M) after the first year can be purchased for an annual fee, usually from July 1 to June 30, or January 1 to December 31. Other periods can be provided on request.

The annual fee for S&M is 15% of the retail price for each JKSimBlast module or package. Discounts are available for multiple licenses of the same module or package.

Technical Support means assistance with user problems and application of the software. Most of these can be solved within 24 hours.

Software Maintenance helps to keep you up to date with the latest versions. This comes in two forms: updates and upgrades.

An update is an improvement or modification to the current version of the software, usually to correct a fault or to improve or extend an existing feature or add a new feature. Updates are provided free to all users with current S&M.

An upgrade is a major change in the software. An upgrade to JKSimBlast v3 is now available for all users of JKSimBlast v2 with current S&M.

Training fees are discounted by 25%, on the daily rate, for all training provided by Soft-Blast. All other expenses are charged at cost.
Contact Soft–Blast for details.

JKSimBlast requires a dongle to operate. This is a USB security key, which can be either local (plugged into the user's computer) or accessed via a network. The dongle must remain accessible while the JKSimBlast software is running.

The dongle represents the actual license to run the JKSimBlast software. If the dongle is lost or is damaged, it is not possible to run the software. A damaged dongle can be exchanged for a fee, but a lost dongle can only be replaced with the purchase of a new license.

A license file is also required to run JKSimBlast. This provides permission for the programs and features to run. Annual S&M includes an annual license file, which allows some protection against loss of the dongle. With an annual license file, a lost dongle can be replaced for the same fee as a damaged dongle.